Mass Flow Controller 가스질량유량계

제품명 가스질량유량계 Mass Flow Controller (Multi gas selectable)
Model MC Series MCS Series MCSS Series MCV Series
Type General For Toxi Gas For Toxi Gas (Cl2, SO2, HCl 포함) For Vacuum
Flow Range 0 ~ 1 slpm / 0 ~ 5 slpm
Mass Flow Accuracy at
calibration conditions
±0.6% of reading or ±0.1% of full scale ±0.8% of reading or ±0.2% of full scale
Operating Temperature Range -10 to +60°C
Temperature Accuracy ±0.75°C
Operating Pressure full scale 145 PSIG
Pressure Accuracy Above 1 atm: ±0.5% of reading
Typical Indication Response Time < 10 ms < 100 ms
Typical Warm-Up Time <1 Second
Monochrome LCD Simultaneously displays
mass Flow, pressure and
Simultaneously displays mass Flow,
Volumetric Flow, pressure and temperature
Mechanical Dimensions
104.14x91.44x27.94mm / 4.1x3.6x1.1" 121.92x172.72x38.1mm /4.8x6.8x1.5"
Gas Selectable 98 Gas 128 Gas (Cl2, SO2, HCl 제외) 131 Gas  (Cl2, SO2, HCl 포함) 98 Gas
Communication RS-232